Monday, March 22, 2010

Hacked nVidia drivers for Ion LE

So I bought a new Samsung N510 netbook, which comes with the nVidia Ion LE GPU.

The "LE" is notable because that version is crippled - but purely in software. I've hacked up the current nVidia drivers to enable the full power (well, as much power as the non-LE version gets). Might be of interest to anyone else who has a laptop with a "Ion LE" chipset, anyway..

Here's a link:
It's based on the 195.62 drivers; I might release newer versions as time goes by.

(Info on how to do it was found on the site.)


  1. Hey, is there any way you could build up a x64 driver for me? Or just the .INF? Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hey Ryan,
    you should be able to duplicate the work pretty easily.

    To see what I did, download the original nvidia drivers, and mine, and then do a diff between them on the INF files. You'll see where I needed to add the extra lines required.

    (Some files mention both ION and ION LE, and some only mention the ION. The trick is to add the ION LE identifiers to the files which were only mentioning ION.)

  3. Hi Toby, I am trying to change the ION LE to ION in my samsung N510. Unfortunately your link ( is not working. Could you tell me which .INF file I should change and how? I would appreciate your help a lot!

  4. It's been almost four years since this post, and I stopped using the N510 years ago. I don't remember the details. As per my previous reply to Ryan, the trick was to edit the INF files to add the PCI IDs matching the ION LE to the full ION drivers.