Thursday, June 28, 2012

MK802: Adding bluetooth, 1080p, custom kernels

A quick update on the MK802.

I've succeeded in getting it to boot a kernel I've compiled, which means I can add Bluetooth support, among other things, and you saw in my earlier post that I'd enabled 1920x1080p resolution via modifying evb.bin. Another user, Suzuke, was able to extend the memory to use closer to the full 1GB.

Unfortunately, this was only on the 3.0.8+ "lichee" kernel, not the latest branch of Amery's linux-allwinner. But it's a step closer.
We still really need to get onto the latest Linux kernels to fix some bugs, and get the Mali GPU working, hopefully.

In the meantime, my modified kernel is here, along with the config used to build it:
(Also mirrored by Eric Betts at )

The modified evb.bin:

Suzuke's modified uboot for more memory:


  1. Mind you, im no developer... but I would like to add touchscreen support to the mk802 by modifying the kernel with CONFIG_HID_QUANTA=y. Do you have any pointers on where i should start to get this configured? Here is what i've found for my touchscreen and android compiling so far -!topic/android-porting/rf4j7sXcQ24

  2. Hi Brian, there's a little more info on my later posts; otherwise, I suggest heading to some of the Android dev forums that have picked up the mk802 - try and for starters.

  3. well, looks as if you are able to make the mini pc MK802 work with a bluetooth dongle, but in plain english how can I modify my mk802 I am not a system engineer so it is like chinese for me, can you explain it to a common person?

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  6. Hey, I wonder if you still have MK802 3.0.36 kernel that you posted on Miniand? Unfortunately, Miniand has been abandoned and all the links are broken, like this one:
    Or maybe you recall which sha1 tree of sunxi github repo you used for your kernel? Really appreciate your help

    1. Sorry, it was half a decade ago. But I'm sure some other sites must be hosting things -- rikomagic, liliputing, etc?

  7. Resolved it this way:
    1. Was able to read all miniand forum using we archive. SHA was 23e5456879db0175f571dec43095c49e181e0b10
    2. Kernel tree to be used:
    3. Recover symvers:

    Hope this helps someone