Thursday, July 19, 2012

Working Mali X11 driver on MK802 (A10)

I've managed to get the Mali X11 driver working on my AllWinner A10 MK802 device in Linux.

I'm using Linaro's 12.06 armhf build as a base image, and then using the linux-allwinner kernel sources, and some info from Rhombus Tech, combined with a bit of hacking around myself.

I've put the details here:

They're a bit long-winded at the moment, but once I've evened things out, I'll make a fresh SD card image.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MK802 image with armhf Linaro 12.06 and custom kernel

Just a quick update on my MK802 hacking..
I've created an easy-to-install image which is based on Linaro's 12.06 "internet appliance" base, and has then added my 3.0.36+ kernel (based on Amery's linux-allwinner repo), containing lots of extra drivers for things like bluetooth, USB drives, gamepads, webcams, and so forth.

You can download it here: linaro-alip-armhf.7z (204 M. kindly hosted by Miniand)

You'll need to use 7-zip to extract the image from the archive, then dd or imagewriter to splat the entire image onto an SD card. (eg. dd if=linaro-alip-armhf.img of=/dev/sdb conv=fsync)

This image should fit on a 4G card. If you have a larger card, splat it on, then eject and reinsert the disk, then resize the second partition and filesystem with parted, resize2fs, etc.

There's still no support for the Mali GPU, unfortunately; however see Compile X11 driver for A10 for info on where to start hacking..