Monday, February 16, 2015

2015-02-16 Raspberry Ubuntu release

I've updated the Raspberry Ubuntu image again.
This version includes:
* automatically resize sd card at first boot
* add rpi-update and raspi-config scripts
* add videocore libraries
* updated kernel, fixed memory split
* disable linaro's autologin
* Load appropriate sound module at boot
* add wpagui for wifi configuration
* Change cpu governer to "performance"
* remove xscreensaver

As before, grab it by bittorrent from
Mirrors hosting it faster will probably appear sooner if you check the Raspberry Pi forums.


  1. I really like your linaro/ubuntu release for raspi2, any ideas on how I get printing working, thanks.

    1. For support, I suggest going to the Raspberry Pi forums, and posting there in the "Other OS" section under the Ubuntu and Linaro threads.

    2. any new update for raspberry pi 3? Really like the previous version, works like a charm with minimal lag